Halloween safety and scary stats (Update: sex offender curfew)

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Update October 31, 2012: More information has surfaced about a curfew imposed upon some South Carolina sex offenders on Halloween.

According to the Associated Press on WPDE, 

...offenders cannot host parties, attend carnivals, give out candy or even have their outdoor lights on during that time. Agents will call and drop by some offenders' houses on Halloween night to check in. In some areas, sex offenders are required to report to designated locations.

This curfew is for paroled sex offenders and has been enforced for six years.  You can read more here.

If you're hungry for even more safety information, have a look at this WBTW story featuring tips from law enforcement.

First report October 30, 2012: Tomorrow is the night where all of the Grand Strand's little ghosts and goblins hit the streets in search of sugar, with the blessing of their parents and adults abound.  Halloween is here, folks.  Let the fun begin!

Being the safety conscious citizens they are, the Georgetown County Sheriff's Department has put together a list of tips to protect the little (and big) ones.  While the statistics are specific to that county, they're still a wake-up call regarding the population at large, whether or not they're handing out candy to kids.  The most startling is, an "...estimated 80% of all addresses have at least one sex offender within 1 mile."

You can check out the whole WBTW story here.  To check out where the sex offenders are within one mile of your home, put your address or zip code into FamilyWatchDog.us.

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