Hazing practices, regulation at The Citadel come under scrutiny

Image by Flickr user Travlr

Concerned parents and former Citadel cadets have sparked a new dialogue into how well The Citadel, Charleston's military college, controls hazing practices and harassment on campus.

According to The Citadel's commandant of cadets, eighteen cases of hazing have been reported in the past three years. Incidents include a sword being dragged across a student's face, unsharpened pencils being driven into a cadet's forehead as well as verbal abuse and other reports of physical violence against fellow classmates.

It is clearly up to the student to report the problem, and all reported allegations are thoroughly investigated and handled through the school's disciplinary process. However, parents of cadets who have been hazed feel that there is nowhere near enough direct staff supervision of upperclass cadets - those who are typically reported as participating in the hazing.

While some may feel that hazing is just a rite of passage at The Citadel, it has left emotional scars on more than a few victims. The Post and Courier has a lengthy post regarding the ongoing issue; read it here.

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