Police ticket jogger for running on the road (Update: Video report)

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Update 4/10/2012: WPDE News Channel 15 got a chance to interview Brad Hafey  about the ticket. It sounds like he is a good sport and really wants to raise awareness about the conditions about local area sidewalks. 

Check out the interview below and swing over to Carolina Live for their full report.

First report: Can runners receive a ticket for running on the roads in Horry County? For Myrtle Beach runner Brad Hafer the answer is a $150 yes.

Brad Hafey received a $150 dollar fine for not using the sidewalk for his daily jog. While running into traffic along Fantasy Harbour Blvd, Hafey was pulled over by a Horry County Police officer and recieved a ticket citation and the fine. Hafey stated he ran on the roads to avoid injury due to the unsafe state of the sidewalks in the area. Officially, Hafey received a ticket for “Pedestrian on Highway.” A story that would normally have gone unnoticed has raised some concern amongst various running clubs along the Grand Strand as well as advocates for a greater push in sports tourism. 

 over at the Grand Strand Sports Report has a full write up on the particulars of the incident. Run on over and give it a read.  

It should be interesting to see if city and county officials respond to this particular incident. 

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