Parody: Brown's retirement announcement linked to Charleston defeat of UNC

Image by Henry Brown

You might think the College of Charleston's win over UNC had something to do with luck, or maybe even raw skill.

Well, you'd be wrong, very wrong. It turns out that the last time Charleston beat UNC was the year Charleston Rep. Henry Brown was sworn into office, and so the team knew that if they wanted to win, Brown had to be on the way out the door.

And announce his retirement, Brown did.

TheDiscust has the story, a taste:

“We didn’t do much, really,” said Chris Swanson, a senior forward from Marion. “We just started some blogs, wrote a lot of letters to potential challengers urging them to run, and then one night we called him a few times and I pretended to be President Obama and yelled at him for a while. It was all in good fun and it was for a good cause.”

Go read the whole thing over here, it'll make you smile. 

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