Pumpkin Carving Challenge 2012: A challenge to local media (Update: time to vote!)

Time to vote! scroll down...

First Report: We at TheDigitel are calling you out! This call goes out to WMBF, WBTW, WPDE, The Sun News, The Myrtle Beach Herald and all the rest.

We posted the above image to our Facebook page last Friday, October 15th where the initial challenge was presented. So far, the only member of the local media elite to respond was Lisa Edge from WPDE NewsChannel 15.


Here's the challenge:

1)Carve your logo into a pumpkin (or gourd if you're fancy)
2) Post it online for the world to see -tag us or @ us on the Twitters
3) We'll collect all the pictures & all of our readers/views can vote on their favorite pumpkin here on this page. 
4) You have until October 25th to post your logo'd pumpkin on the interwebs and voting will start on October 26th. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, October 31st. at noon.

What's the winner get? 

Pride in knowing that they are awesome! And we have some stickers we could give you...

So get to carving and may the best TV, paper, blog site, town crier win!

***no photoshoping or painting of logo onto pumpkins allowed***


Update October 26th: The time is now! 

As stated above, we asked for all local media outlets to join us in this competition and as of the deadline only one outlet,  WBTW News13 was brave enough to throw their pumpkin guts in the ring. 391

So here are the pumpkins that you can pick from. First is ours (so the best, right?) and then WBTW's (pretty OK, we guess). Below just click which you think is the most awesomest, you can vote once-per-day until 11:59am on Wednesday, October 31st. 

Happy voting and make sure to share this little contest with your friends  on all the social media sites you love. 392

 ***if you're still planning on submitting a pumpkin, you can do so, but the longer you wait the less voting time you'll have***

Update October 31st: Well, we thought we had a chance!

But WBTW is the big winner of the first ever Digitel Pumpkin Carving Challenge to Local Media. At the time of the tally, there were 282 votes and WBTW beat our MYR pumpkin by 20 votes (not for nothing but we were winning until they posted about it on their site, curse you larger audience!)

Anyway, it's OK, we're working on a great little prize package for WBTW. But we're not exactly sure what it will be -there will probably be stickers, we love stickers. 

Until next year, but we do hope more local media outlets join in on the fun in 2013.

Now it's time to think about a Christmas decoration challenge! 

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