In videos: Wednesday's flooding in Charleston

YouTube user "jusadivah" records those foolish enough to play in the road lakes — who knows what lurks beneath the murky waters. Language not safe for kid ears and use with discretion in office environments.

In Charleston combine rain with a high tide and more often than not you get flooding, and this past Wednesday afternoon did not disappoint.

From Market Street, to MUSC, to the Riverdogs' stadium, the usual spots were wet and wavy. 

And a few days out a number of fun videos of this round of flooding have, well, floated, up our way.

YouTube user "jusadivah" offers another video (her first video is up top) describing the flooding scene at Sheppard Street and Rutledge Avenue and offering very helpful pro tips — that is, not slowing down while trying to drive through deep puddles.

YouTube user "carolineabd" shows off a flooded Market Street.

Kenneth Andrews shows off flooding near MUSC.

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