Sir Pizza opens in North Myrtle Beach, review


Like Myrtle Beach Restaurant News, I too visited the newly opened Sir Pizza in North Myrtle Beach. 

I took my family for dinner this past Wednesday, April 4th and had no idea what Sir Pizza was, I did some quick research and saw that it was a franchise in several different states, but didn't know anything about the food. When I first walked in I thought, "Oh, it's like CiCi's pizza." But the all you can eat style that the two places have in common is all they share. Sir Pizza's pizza has a sweet sauce, thin crust and toppings akin to Totino's frozen pizza that you can find in every super market. Additionally, CiCi's offers a wider selection of pizza on their buffet. CiCi's pizza is much better; which, isn't saying a lot. 

I'm no food expert like our friends at MBRN, but our take on Sir Pizza is pretty similar and Becky of Myrtle Beach Restaurant News is a little kinder to Sir Pizza in her review. 

Read MBRN's Sir Pizza review here for more details on Sir Pizza and their full menu. 

However, there is a new pizza place that I agree with Myrtle Beach Restaurant News on, and that's Gem City Pizza in Myrtle Beach. It's a really good slice (or 5) of pizza. 

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