Christmas parades aren't what they used to be

Update December 10: And Creach is certainly not alone, another person wrote to the Charleston City Paper, irate about the "3 hour long commercial." Go take a read.

First reporting: Local Cheryl Creach writes in The Post and Courier about her disappointment with Charleston's parade on Sunday. In part:
There was a time when Trudy's School of Dance had kids of various ages dancing down King Street in adorable costumes, but there could not have been a dozen this year and not a costume in sight. Where were all the fire trucks and firemen, and the motorcycle police who would ride down the street and throw candy to the kids? They would rev their engines here and there and escort Santa's float at the end with flashing lights and sirens you could hear all over town.

I don't think it's too shocking to many folks that parades aren't what they used to be.

The Post and Courier has a photo gallery of some of the more festive moments at the parade.

There are a couple more area Christmas parades coming up, lets hope they fare better.

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