Some money approved for I-73 project; Environmental questions raised

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We have only been around for a couple weeks now, and this is my third posting on the future of the proposed Interstate 73. In my opinion this interstate is long overdue and would be a total benefit to all of us living and working on Horry County.

Thursday, the state Transport Commission agreed to set aside $105 million dollars to help fund the construction on I-73. But, a lot of questions were raised last night and a few dissenting views were brought to light. The Sun News has the full story, including the total cost, how many acres of wetlands might be effected and what the Department of Transports commissioner thinks of I-73. Read it here.

Some of those questions raised were of the environmental impact of this new interstate, another was why can't we just expand existing roads that lead to the beach? Roads like Highway 501 and Highway 9. 

Additional coverage of last nights meeting can be found over at WMBF News, which highlights the hopes of I-73 for Dillion County, who have started calling it the "Interchange of Hope." This also helps to show that it's not just Myrtle Beach that would benefit from this road, but all those small towns that are by-passed currently.

In my previous posts on this subject, it's no secret that I am for I-73. I see the cons in the argument but I see far more pros -some of those including more money for local business, easier access to the Strand, quicker exiting for Hurricanes and, let's face it, when us locals want to get away we don't want to be stuck in 501 traffic in July!

What say you our awesome Digitel readers? This Interstate would effect all of us who call the Beach our home, so we want to hear from you. Join the discussion below.





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