Section of Grand Strand under swimming advisory (Update: Advisory lifited)

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Update 5/20: It's now safe to go back swimming.

The advisory has been lifited and Torrens had this to say: 

"The most recent test results from samples taken in Briarcliffe Acres at Middle Gate Road were within acceptable limits. We'll continue to sample the ocean water at least once a week until the middle of October."


First report: A small section of beach around Briarcliffe Acres is under temporary swimming advisory by the he S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control

Sean Torrens of DHEC's Region 6 Environmental Quality Control office reports that:

The affected area includes 200 feet above and below the beach access in Briarcliffe Acres at Middle Gate Road. High bacteria levels have been detected in this section of the beach, and swimming is not advised until bacteria levels return to normal. It's best if people don't put their head under water to guard against the possibility of swallowing the water. People with open cuts or other wounds should also avoid contact with the water.

According to Torrens, it is safe to wade, collect shells and fish within the swimming advisory area. Use caution. 

Read the complete report here.

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