Patriots Point bringing museum to life

Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum divulged a strategic plan on Friday which is focused on implementing numerous technological improvements aboard the USS Yorktown.

The five-year course of action will cost approximately $4 million and will introduce state of the art technology, ultimately making many artifacts aboard the World War II-era ship engaging, interactive experiences for visitors. The museum is expecting an increase of 40,000 ticket sales and $1.2 million in revenue on an annual basis.

Patriots Point Board Chairman Ray Chandler preached the value of preserving the historic integrity of the museum while acknowledging that in order to keep it fresh, Patriots Point will have to bring its 20th century product up to speed.

“Our Naval & Maritime Museum is truly one of the outstanding military and historic museums in the nation. However, if we are to attract new generations of Americans to Patriots Point and remain competitive in the museum field, we must meet the standards and customer demands of the 21st century."

The USS Yorktown CV10 Association and the Patriots Point Foundation have been asked to raise half of the funding for the project, which is supposed to culminate in 2018.