Craigslist or S.C.? Cast your vote

Image by 20090519-craigs.jpg

"If you really had to choose, which is more important to you, Craigslist or South Carolina? Which has the bigger positive impact on our culture, and which adds more utility to your daily existence. Craigslist wins hands down."

That's from a piece over at TechCrunch that was drafted in response of our state's decision to go after Craigslist with a criminal investigation over the whole personal ads hoopla.

Read more about the debate, or go check out TechChruch's full piece (and vote!).

As of this writing, Craigslist was smashing South Carolina 1,827 votes to 434 votes.

Update May 20: A Facebook group has started for those that want McMaster to back down. Link.

Also, I spotted this deliciously simple shirt that says: "CL > SC".