Another congressional district for S.C. may well be a Democrat seat from Charleston

Image by National Atlas If the district does get split, the line where would be crucial.

If predictions hold true, South Carolina will have a 7th U.S. House seat in the 2012 election. And The (Rock Hill) Herald is speculating that seat could well split the coastal 1st Congressional District.

Not only is this interesting as it would grant more political influence to the Charleston region, but it could give the state another Democrat in congress.

Here's why: In the tight contest between Brown and Democratic challenger Linda Ketner, Brown won 52%-to-48%, but in Charleston County Ketner pulled in 54% of the vote.

What's it mean? If a new district splits the 1st Congressional District into a district for the Charleston side and one for the Myrtle Beach side, the latter would almost certainly be Republican but the Charleston seat may well be a Democrat one.

For more on the subject it's worth reading the Herald's lengthy piece, though they don't cary the implications as far as I have.

Oh, and if you were wondering if Ketner is going to give it another go in 2010, it doesn't look so likely.

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