Horses' deaths may trigger new legislation

After two horses died due to suspected tampering with a gate, tougher penalties are sought for interfering with corrals. Some folks want tougher penalties for anyone who willfully puts domestic animals in harms way.

The Post and Courier has the story about two horses on Johns Island that died after a gate was left open, the horses escaped onto a road and were hit on River Road. The owner's of the animals suspect the gate was intentionally left open, the paper explains:
Zabrina, another horse, Cynca, and Isabella, a pony, got out of a fenced pasture on Johns Island and were hit on River Road.

[Their owner] found the pasture gate opened and lifted off its hinges.

The tougher penalties are also wanted to protect drivers from hitting large animals.

Head over to The Post and Courier for details on what happened, the proposed legislation, and who wants the penalties expanded to cover all domestic animals.

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