Some S.C. statistics for election junkies

I'm preparing some notes to help when I analyze and benchmark the election tonight, but I thought I'd share with folks out there. There's a few interesting trends for you election junkies. I'll go ahead and apologize for the spastic writing style.

In 2004 Bush won S.C. with 57.9% of the vote. Kerry got 40.8%.
63.2% of S.C.'s eligible population voted, with 85% turnout. Apparently the state's data on that page is erroneous. Their other set of stats puts it at 70.4% (2,315,182 registered and 1,631,148 votes cast).
Registration was up by 14% from 2004 (2,552,281 registered vs 2,238,000).

I'll speculate that turnout will be marginally higher with a tighter margin for McCain's victory -- the reasons for that narrowing could tip the scales towards Ketner over Brown.

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