Charleston-based SIB Development & Consulting Partners with the Burger King National Franchisee Association to Save Franchisees Millions on Monthly Expenses

CHARLESTON, SC--(Marketwire - Mar 15, 2012) - SIB Development & Consulting, a company that helps businesses save money on their recurring expenses, today announced it has been named an endorsed partner by the National Franchisee Association (NFA), an organization that represents nearly 5,000 franchised BURGER KING® restaurants in North America. This partnership could mean millions of dollars in savings for BURGER KING® franchisees.

SIB helps restaurants save money by negotiating better contracts for recurring monthly service expenses (phone, Internet, garbage, utilities, hardware and software maintenance contracts, linens/laundry, credit card processing, grease traps, property taxes and others), and by finding and correcting errors and overcharges on past monthly bills. SIB's clients only pay after they have realized actual monthly savings.

"We are always on the lookout for programs that provide real value for our franchisees," said Andrew Myers, CEO of the National Franchisee Association. "By employing experts with extensive experience in each of the fields in which they specialize, SIB is uniquely equipped to find savings in virtually any fixed-cost category. I am thrilled and proud to be able to present a service to our franchisees that I believe has the potential of putting millions of dollars back into their pockets at a time when every dollar counts."

"We know that the NFA does not offer its endorsements lightly," said Dan Schneider, Founder of SIB Development & Consulting. "We are honored to have been selected and look forward to helping BURGER KING® franchisees across North America save money."

Schneider says restaurant owners -- especially multi-unit operations -- do not have the time or in-house expertise to find billing errors and to understand the best prices and plans available for their monthly services. "Not only can we help find and correct complex billing errors, we can benchmark what businesses are paying with what we know are the best available rates and plans on the market. We have a 98% success rate."

About The National Franchisee Association

The National Franchisee Association (NFA), founded in 1988, serves the BURGER KING®franchisee community. The NFA --with headquarters in Atlanta, Ga., and a government relations office in Washington, D.C. -- is committed to providing vital support and assistance to the franchisee community at large.

The NFA represents independent restaurant entrepreneurs in the United States and Canada who operate close to 5,000 franchised restaurants and employ almost 200,000 individuals across the nation. The NFA represents more than 75 percent of BURGER KING® franchised restaurants in the United States and Canada.

Through its subsidiaries the NFA offers value-added services to BURGER KING® franchisees and other small businesses nationwide.

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About SIB Development & Consulting

SIB Development & Consulting, Inc. provides access to industry experts in a multitude of fields to reduce expenses and recoup previous overpayments. Unlike other consulting firms, SIB's business model allows them to bill based only on a percentage of the savings they find.

Through expert analysis, SIB will discover if businesses have overpaid or are currently overpaying on phone, Internet, garbage, utilities, hardware and software maintenance contracts, and other recurring bills.

SIB offers a $25,000 performance guarantee for new clients with a minimum of 10 locations or 200 employees. If SIB cannot find $25,000 in savings the first year, it will pay for the difference.

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