Mississippi Toyota plant construction resumes

The incomplete Mississippi Toyota plant in the town of Blue Springs has been slated for a resumption of construction, a move that should bring 2,000 jobs to the area. The Associated Press reports that Toyota's estimate is that the plant should be fully operational by the fall of 2011. This comes after construction was to are complete and the plant running by 2010, but the onset of the economic recession in 2008 destroyed that timetable.

Article Source: Mississippi Toyota plant construction resumes

Corolla is the Mississippi Toyota plant's stock in trade

When first plans for the Blue Springs, Mississippi Toyota plant were to make the Prius hybrid car, now the Japanese automaker plans to make 150,000 Corolla compact vehicles each year. Toyota's image in North The US should rise considerably as new jobs bolster the Mississippi economy. The automaker needed something, as a 9 million vehicle safety recall given that October 2009 has severely damaged the automaker's credibility and profits.

U.S. Toyota plant closures were unpopular

For example, when New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI) closed in California after Toyota terminated their agreement with GM, workers staged large-scale protests. Allying Toyota with Tesla Motors was a calculated move by Toyota President Akio Toyoda to build goodwill within the U.S., but more work must be done.

Blue Springs welcomes Toyota home, says Gov. Barbour

Gov. Haley Barbour expressed his feelings concerning the Mississippi Toyota plant to the Associated Press:

"We're delighted but not surprised. We've had good reason to keep our faith in them. Through a global economic crisis, Toyota kept its financial commitments to the state and to local schools, proving they're not just the world's premier automaker but a valuable community partner as well."

The Mississippi Toyota plant should prove a boon for the Mississippi economy, not to mention Blue Springs. Toyota profits are in a difficult place, but recovery may be around the corner, experts speculate.

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