Al Parish to appeal sentence

Al Parish is going to appeal his sentence, according to his lawyer, Andy Savage. Even though the Economan admits he did it, he thinks 24 years is a little too long to stay in prison.

Read more about Al Parish on our topic page.Savage filed notice Tuesday in federal court to send the case to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va.

Savage won't represent Parish during the appeals process, though. He filed a motion to withdraw as defense counsel on the same day as the intent to appeal.

From The Post and Courier:

Savage said Parish's 24-year sentence was on the low end of sentencing guidelines for his crimes. But, he said, the guidelines are no longer mandatory. He and Parish were hoping the sentence would fall below the guidelines.

In previous cases Savage has studied that were similar to Parish's, sentences "averaged in the neighborhood of eight years."

The newspaper also reported that Savage said Parish will serve his time at Butner Federal Correctional Complex near Raleigh. Parish is expected to be sent there in the next few weeks.