The City of Florence is creating a business incubator, fostering new & small businesses

There have been changes happening in the city of Florence thanks to the Downtown Development Corporation (FDDC). Their goal, since 2002 has been to revitalize the downtown Florence area by fostering new businesses, historic preservation, streetscape improvements and more.

As part of the FDDC the city is turning their efforts towards business incubation, which "are programs designed to support the successful development of entrepreneurial companies". These types of centers have been a boon for the city of Charleston since 2009, according to The Sun News. There have been "51 companies, which in turn have created 200 jobs and an estimated $15 million in payroll." WMBF News talked with City of Florence Councilman, Robby Hill who is also the Chairman for the Downtown Business Incubator Commission and he said this of the project:

"The plans for the business incubator calls for our partners to give regular training classes. So we are going to provided one on one mentorships and group mentorship's for these companies that are in this incubator, as well as education that is important to what they are doing, and how they can grow their businesses as managers and owners [...] Space is the main thing we are providing…Internet, telephone services and the expertise of our Business Incubator Executive Director."

Hop on over to WMBF News for their full report on the business incubator and for info on how you can apply to be one of the businesses chosen for the new space. Additionally, you can head to and read an indepth write-up about the cost and back story for the space.

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