Home Valuation Tool - Popular in Myrtle Beach

Agents all across the country are always looking for ways to add value to the consumer. Many times, the new tools really don't add value to the consumer, they are just tricky ways to advertise the services of the agent.

If you have been on Facebook or other social networks lately, you have probably seen numerous agents posting their valuation tool. This is a tool that is gaining in popularity because any owner of a property in any area of the United States can use the tool to get an instant quote on what their property may be worth. Like anything else, you would want to get another opinion prior to selling, but this tool is helping many potential sellers get an idea of what the property could sell for prior to contacting a real estate agent.

The one that we use is located here: How Much is My Myrtle Beach Property Worth?.

There have been hundreds of people using this tool not only for their property in the Myrtle Beach area but also for areas outside of South Carolina.

Real Estate agents are using technology to provide the community with new information. This is one tool that may finally deliver on its promise.

If you ever need an opinion about other tools that you may think of using, please reach out to me at Century 21 The Harrelson Group.

~Greg Harrelson