MYR parking improvements keep vehicles out of woods

The days of holiday overflow parking at Myrtle Beach International Airport being directed to wooded areas are over — at least until about 2020.

For years, the Thanksgiving holiday has remained MYR’s busiest time for local traffic and parking. This year was no different as parking on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving was up 2 percent from last year to 1,229 vehicles. Parking was up 4 percent this year on Thanksgiving and the Friday after to 1,387 vehicles and 1,278 vehicles, respectively.

“That’s exciting news,” said Kirk Lovell, assistant director at the airport and its spokesman. “All of our parking lots are finally open. We can park within our parking lots about 1,800 cars, so that’s fantastic for customer service and not parking in the forest.”

Lovell was referring to the practice of overflow vehicles being directed to a wooded area near the airport for parking.