Gunmaker PTR owes Horry County tens of thousands of dollars in late payments

Gun manufacturer PTR owes Horry County months of late payments, according to Horry County officials.Horry County Spokesperson Lisa Bourcier says PTR owes payments from June, July, and the late fees that have accrued.  The total amount owed is $20,044.38. The company rents its building at Cool Springs Business Park near Aynor for $9,583.33 a month.  Bourcier says PTR owes rent plus $877.72 in late fees. 

...again, with the PTR drama and Ithaca Gun Co. backing out of their deal, it doesn't seem courting these gun makers was the best use of time and money...Well, at least Governor Nikki Haley got a nice photo op and gun out of the deal