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12:38 pm on Saturday August 28, 2010

N. Charleston man accused of running pot into Bermuda (update: 1 year sentence)

Image by Flickr user ilmungo Update August 28: Blatchley has received a one year sentance -- which could mean he'll be home soon as he's already spent 11 months in custody. The Post and Courier has the story. Update August 23: Andrew Blatchley's...
4:36 am on Saturday May 30, 2009

Charleston to Bermuda sailboat race (Update: Track them online)

Image by Flickr user estiImage by 20090529-bermuda.jpg Update May 30: The Post and Courier has a story from the start of the race along with a nice photo gallery. Oh, and you can follow the progress of boats with this nifty map. First reporting: The...