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5:58 am on Monday May 2, 2011

Riverview to host screening of "Waiting for Superman"

Riverview Charter School tonight will host a free screening of the acclaimed documentary "Waiting for Superman" at the Technical College of the Lowcountry. Released in 2010, "Waiting for Superman" takes a tough look at the country's public school...
4:30 am on Wednesday April 20, 2011

Beaufort charter school sues over enrollment restrictions (update: Yet more enrollment/building drama)

Flickr user knittymarie Updated April 20: It's pretty amazing that a school that's performing, well, better than the state average can cause this much drama for city and school district officials, yet Riverview continues to find itself in the paper...
2:40 am on Sunday April 3, 2011

Beaufort-area chess stars put the rest of the state in checkmate (update: video)

Flickr user doug88888 Update April 3: WTOC 11 caught up with the star elementary team and has a fun video with the bright youngsters at Beaufort Academy. Take a watch here. First reporting: The Island Packet has a report on some local youngsters who...
10:11 am on Saturday August 7, 2010

Test results for Beaufort charter school exceed state average

Flickr user knittymarie Riverview Charter School, Beaufort County's first charter school, exceeded state testing averages in its first year. Check out the full story at The Island Packet The Packet also has a roundup of how the rest of the Beaufort...