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11:40 am on Monday October 18, 2010

The 2nd annual Lowcountry Field Feast: a farm-fresh family-style supper party

Image providedThe second annual Lowcountry Field Feast event that honors all things local, from landscape to produce to seafood, is back in action on Sunday, November 14th. The farm fieldtrip and family-style supper will take place at Rosebank Farms...
5:08 am on Wednesday October 14, 2009

Photos from the Lowcountry Field Feast

Image by 20090930-fest.jpg Charlie Magazine headed our to the feast of local foods (prepared by a local star chef) at the Lowcountry Field Feast in Walterboro. Well, while they were there they snapped a few lovely shots of the experience. Go check '...
8:55 am on Wednesday September 30, 2009

Few spots left for the Lowcountry Field Feast

Image by 20090930-fest.jpg Lowcountry Local First is teaming up with chef extraordinaire, Mike Lata, and Keegan Filion Farm in Walterboro for the first ever Lowcountry Field Feast. There are just a few spots left for this culinary collaboration so...